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RSQ Motion Sensor

This is where the data gets collected from gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer with 9 degrees of freedom.
It is also where machine learning predicts your next move, resulting in razor sharp measurements.

RSQ Motion Clicker

A device meant for the patient, equipped with a button.
With its help, the recorded measurement is saved
in the application during the examination.
Available in the kit RSQ Motion 1+1 and RSQ Motion 3+1.

RSQ Motion Travel Etui

Powerbank and a case for storage and transport of RSQ Motion Sensor and RSQ Motion Clicker.

Other kit elements

RSQ Motion Hub
RSQ Motion bands
RSQ Motion Stickers
RSQ Motion Analytics app
(available for download upon the receive of order)
RSQ Physio app (available only in Poland)

Measurement and diagnostics of musculoskeletal system in

treatment of orthopedic diseases
joint examination
post-traumatic rehabilitation
sports medicine

Analysis and monitoring
of motion parameters

after bone fracture
for repetitive strain injury rehabilitation
when suffering from osteoarthritis
after limb and spine trauma
while undergoing postoperative treatment or rehabilitation
of regular workout and exercise

Mobility and intuitiveness
at heart

Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices and computers
intuitive light signals on sensors
shape of stickers, sensors, chargers and other accessories
make them failproof and easy to use

Certified Medical Device

RSQ Motion is a non-invasive active medical device. It is class I with a measuring function.

A powerful ecosystem

RSQ Motion connects with RSQ Motion Analytics.
RSQ Motion Analytics is an app which allows visualization of the patient’s body by using an avatar of a human figure. After the examination is completed, all results are saved in the app. They create a cohesive treatment history. This lets you return to the results at any time and perform a biomechanical analysis of the patient’s movement.
RSQ Motion is integrated with RSQ Physio.
This is where RSQ Motion magic meets one of most loved EMRs, 
making one a lot more than
a documentation tool and the other more than
a motion analysis tool. With RSQ Motion and RSQ Physio integration, you only use one system, saving time and energy you can give back to your patients.
Available only in Poland.

Available RSQ Motion kits

RSQ Motion 1+1

RSQ Motion Sensor and RSQ Motion Clicker
3 499 PLN

• Proprioception examination: shoulder, elbow, knee, hip


RSQ Motion 2

Two RSQ Motion Sensors
3 499 PLN

• Motion analysis in one joint: range of motion, range of motion amplitude, angular velocities, number of moves, frequency


RSQ Motion 3+1

Three RSQ Motion Sensors and RSQ Motion Clicker
6 998 PLN

• Proprioception examination: shoulder, elbow, knee, hip
• Motion analysis in one joint: range of motion, range of motion amplitude, angular velocities, number of moves, frequency
• Motion analysis in two joints simultaneously


How to examine a patient?