Way more than a goniometer

RSQ Motion means artificial intelligence meets motion sensors. You can use this certified medical device to treat patients and objectivize training.
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A wireless portable system allowing for motion capture and for motion analysis

Certified Medical Device

RSQ Motion is a non-invasive active medical device. It is class I with a measuring function.
RSQ Motion can be used in

treatment of orthopedic diseases

RSQ Motion can be used in

joint examination

RSQ Motion can be used in

post-traumatic rehabilitation

RSQ Motion can be used in

sports medicine

RSQ Motion senses

RSQ Motion makes computers, smartphones and tablets feel the motion just like you feel your hand moving through space when you close your eyes.
This understanding helps you treat patients more effectively and gather more feedback from training. Every sensor digitally traces body motion.
Data from gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer come together to form cohesive motion information. This information is then analysed by machine learning algorithms to make sure the measurement precision is razor sharp.
RSQ Motion sensors have a digitally encoded version of proprioception.
They sense motion and try to predict where the next move will take place, allowing for accuracy of 0.3 degrees.

Now you can objectively track progress

After bone fracture
For repetitive strain injury rehabilitation
With osteoarthritis
After limb and spine trauma
When undergoing postoperative treatment or being rehabilitated
Of regular workout and exercise

More precise than ever

With RSQ Motion you can precisely analyze rehabilitation progress for your patients.
It is now possible to prove your techniques work
and present it in a comprehensible manner.
Prove quality of treatment through RSQ Motion.

Privacy is key

Your security is our concern - literally, as we are your patients.
Years of working with top healthcare providers and supporting thousands of physicians turned us into hardened security veterans.
All data is stored on your device or in a secure cloud meeting highest healthcare standards and GDPR compliance.
Only you and your authorised personnel have access to patients' data.

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With RSQ Motion you can precisely measure your patients’ progress. All data is saved in your training system and/or in the medical records.
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Press about RSQ Motion


I use RSQ Motion mainly to measure the range of motion and proprioception of hip joint as part of my standard evaluation of arthroscopic and conservative treatment. RSQ Motion allows its user to determine deficiencies in joint mobility in a quick and easy way. Examination can be performed in a static or dynamic condition and the result can be recorded in intuitive application.
The usage of RSQ Motion is also beneficial for the patients. They can improve kinesthesia and feeling of the position of the joint in space, which can be often disordered after trauma and surgical procedures.
M. Sc Łukasz Stołowski

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