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What is RSQ Motion?

RSQ Motion is a medical device that is used to analyze human movement.
It consists of the following modules:
RSQ Motion Sensor,
RSQ Motion Clicker,
RSQ Motion Hub,
RSQ Motion Analytics.
And accessories:
RSQ Motion Travel Etui, which also functions as a powerbank,
RSQ Motion Bands,
RSQ Motion Stickers
locking clips.
Modules and accessories can be selected in any configuration, depending on the user's needs.
RSQ Motion supports RSQ Motion Analytics, which allows you to visualize body movements with
a human avatar. The results are displayed in properly prepared and implemented examination forms.
An alternative is the RSQ Physio app on mobile devices, which is fully integrated with RSQ Motion.

How does RSQ Motion work?

In order to run RSQ Motion, remove the charged RSQ Motion Sensors from the RSQ Motion Travel Etui. Then, connect RSQ Motion Sensors to the application (RSQ Motion Analytics or RSQ Physio) and calibrate.
Once properly connected and calibrated, RSQ Motion Sensors should be attached to wristbands or stickers and placed on the patient's body. The RSQ Motion Sensor is the most important device in the entire RSQ Motion System. It works based on an inertial sensor (IMU). It is here that data from a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer with 9 degrees of freedom is collected. Moreover, machine learning in this device tries to predict each subsequent measurement.
The result is accurate measurements that are then sent wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy to the RSQ Motion Hub. RSQ Motion Hub can be connected to a PC or laptop via the USB port. RSQ Motion Hub is responsible for communication between RSQ Motion Sensors and the RSQ Motion Analytics application.
RSQ Motion Clicker also communicates with RSQ Motion Hub. It is a device with a button. With RSQ Motion Clicker, the patient can save the recorded measurement directly in the application during the examination.  
RSQ Motion Analytics and RSQ Physio are applications that allow the interpretation of data received from devices. RSQ Motion Analytics allows you to visualize the patient's body using an avatar of a human figure. The results are displayed in the respective examination forms. When RSQ Motion is connected to a mobile device using the RSQ Physio app, connection occurs without RSQ Motion Hub. The information is then collected directly by the mobile device used.
After completing the examination, the data and measurements are saved in the application. In this way, a clear history of the patient's research is created. The results can also be exported as *.xlsx file.

What is a medical device?

A medical device can be any instrument, device, software or other article to be used with respect to humans for the purpose of diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, treating or alleviating disease and injury. The product must be properly classified and then undergo conformity assessment by an authorized Notified Body. All medical devices must also bear the CE marking when placed on the market for sale.
The definition of a medical device is of course much broader, and its detailed scope is included in the Council Directive 93/42/EEC of June 14, 1993 on medical devices.

Is RSQ Motion for everyone?

RSQ Motion can be used by people with medical education (physical therapists, doctors, rehabilitators and other people with specialist knowledge), as well as unskilled users who will read carefully the instructions for our product. RSQ Motion cannot be used to perform the examination if there are wounds, abrasions or other skin lesionsin the area where the sensors are to be placed. The RSQ Motion system should not be used by people with medical devices supporting vital functions that work wirelessly in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Is RSQ Motion safe for patients?

All components of the RSQ Motion are safe for patients, physical therapists and doctors when used in accordance with the provided instructions. RSQ Motion Sensor and RSQ Motion Clicker are powered by safe voltage from batteries. RSQ Motion Sensor is galvanically isolated from the patient's body. RSQ Motion Stickers are non-conductive. The materials from which RSQ Motion Bands were made do not cause allergies.

What is the measuring accuracy of RSQ Motion?

The measuring accuracy of RSQ Motion is based on the precision of the RSQ Motion Sensor. This device is able to precisely determine the orientation in three-dimensional space. During the measurement, the examination results are sent by the RSQ Motion Sensor with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees on the roll and pitch axes, and 1 degree on the yaw axis.

Should RSQ Motion be disinfected?

All parts of the product that have been in contact with the patient should be disinfected each time. For this purpose, it is best to use mild, alcohol-free disinfectants intended for medical devices. It is worth using a cotton swab for disinfection. Do not immerse the product in water or other cleaning liquid agents.

Can I buy individual elements of the set?

RSQ Motion is sold in sets. Only RSQ Motion Stickers can be purchased separately at this point. It is not possible to purchase additional RSQ Motion Travel Etui, RSQ Motion Bands and modules such as RSQ Motion Sensor, RSQ Motion Clicker, RSQ Motion Hub.

How to download RSQ Motion Analytics and RSQ Physio?

RSQ Motion Analytics will be ready for download when you receive your order. RSQ Physio is available at and in the App Store or Google Play.

What are the minimum system requirements for RSQ Motion Analytics and RSQ Physio?

RSQ Physio:
Requirements for computer users:
a web browser (we recommend Chrome, Firefox, Safari, we also support Opera and Edge). 
Requirements for users of Android mobile devices:
Android 5.0 or higher
recommended screen size for phones is at least 5"
the recommended screen size for tablets is at least 8"
minimum 2 GB of RAM 
Requirements for users of mobile devices with iOS:
iOS 11.0 or higher 
RSQ Motion Analytics:
System: Windows 10 or higher, Mac Yosemite.
4 GB of RAM minimum.
Graphics card with OpenGL 3.2+ support.
Disk: At least 2 GB of free space.
It is recommended to use an anti-virus package.
The operating system must have software that supports *.xlsx format.

Is stored patient information safe?

We take data security very seriously and consider it our priority. Patient information in RSQ Motion Analytics is stored locally in your computer's memory. Remember to protect your personal computer with a special password. Thanks to this, your patients' data is completely safe.
Patient information in RSQ Physio is stored in the cloud. Data security in this application can be compared to security in electronic banking. The cloud is located in one of the most secure data centers in Europe - the data center. It is the leader in data processing.

How to charge the device?

You can charge the RSQ Motion Sensors by placing them in the RSQ Motion Travel Etui. The case is charged using the USB-C cable included in the set and a standard USB-C adapter (the so-called “plugs”), which is not part of the RSQ Motion set. For charging, we recommend using a charger that meets the requirements of the LVD Directive, marked with the CE mark.

What are the terms of the warranty?

RSQ Motion is covered by RSQ Technologies warranty. The warranty period is 2 years from the date of receipt of the order. We guarantee the appropriate construction, workmanship and materials used in the production of the system. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace any defective product or its components at no additional charge for labor and parts. More details can be found in the terms and conditions available on the RSQ Motion store website.

How to make a complaint?

If your product or service has a physical or legal defect, you have the right to file a complaint with an indication of the request:
- price reduction or withdrawal from the Agreement
- replacement of the item with a non
-defective one or removal of the defect.

You can submit a complaint by sending an electronic complaint to the following address:, or in writing to the address ul. 27 Grudnia 3, postal code 61-737 Poznań. The complaint should include:
- name and surname / company name,
- home address or company registered office address,
- e-mail address,
- description of the subject of the complaint together with an indication of the period of time to which the complaint relates,
- the circumstances justifying the submission of the complaint (description of the presented problem), or what features or functions the Motion System or its parts do not have, while, according to the assurances or the method of presenting it to the Customer, it was supposed to have.

We will process the complaint within 30 calendar days of its receipt. We will inform you about its result immediately with a message sent to the e-mail address provided in the application.

The RSQ Motion System or its individual parts should be packed in the original packaging with the ID number (identification number) on it; failure to provide the ID number of the returned or complained Motion System prevents the positive consideration of the complaint or the return of the product.

If the data or information provided in the complaint is incomplete and needs to be completed - before processing, we will contact you to supplement the deficiencies in the indicated scope.

Detailed information on returns and complaints can be found HERE.

Do you have more questions?

Write to us using the contact form. We will answer as soon as possible.

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